Jules Alexander Seheult (1839-1889)
Jules Alexandre Seheult and his wife Marie Girod (married in 1865)
In the Jules Alexander Seheult (1839-1883) [not pictured] family photo they are as follows:

Back row: L-R   Cecile Seheult, Vicente de Montbrun,  Anna Seheult, Leon Seheult , Dahlia, Felix Seheult,
Raoul Seheult and Joseph E. Seheult

Second row: L-R   Marie de Montbrun nee Seheult, Losea Seheult,  Marie Seheult nee Girod " Mimi",
Tante Clemence Girod? and Emma Seheult nee Huerne

Third row: Stella Seheult (sitting)