About Us
About US

Mark Seheult

I first became interested in family history shortly after the death of my
grandfather, Joseph Emmanuel Seheult in 1969. We were living in
Maraval, Trinidad at the time, and after his third wife, Cissy, passed
away, the contents of their home on More Avenue, were distributed to
family members. In the early 1970s, there arrived at our house on
Champs-Elysees, a cardboard box full of what at first glance seemed to
be just a bunch of old papers that had belonged to our grandfather in
which no-one had an interest. My mother used to say frequently that as
a child I was very inquisitive and loved to talk to older family members.
At age 15, nothing had changed and even to this day my wife of 30
years will tell you that this is still the case. I went through the box I had
inherited like I was searching for the lost treasure of Montezuma and
indeed I found it. A family treasure. That box was full of old letters and
photographs and I have spent the last 35 years collecting information
and documenting our story.

Like Roger Seheult, I have a keen interest in history and architecture.
We have been communicating for several years now and this is the end
result of our collaboration. We hope you will find it interesting and will
share your own information on the Seheult family.

We would like to acknowledge with thanks the great assistance given to
us by Mrs. Colette Kennedy of Paris, France, who, with her late
husband, John, one of Dr. Raoul Seheult’s grandsons, researched the
origins of the family in Nantes, France.

Roger Seheult

   My fascination with genealogy started when I was a small child
growing up in Toronto, Canada.  I learned how to spell my last name
before I could spell my first name because my mother always had to
spell it slowly over the phone to people.  I knew that my immediate family
(Grandmother and Grandfather) were from Trinidad but beyond that I
was told vague stories about some ancestors in France or Germany.
For many years I did nothing to investigate this.  At this time I had visited
England (the land of my mother) and discovered a love for architecture,
cathedrals, European History and music (particularly pipe organs).  You
can image how I felt when, after investigation in the 1990s with the help
of the newly formed Internet; I discovered that my ancient family roots
involved French history, architecture, and the cathedrals of Europe.  
Further study led me to those who had gone before me and discovered
much more than I had - Mark Seheult in Alberta, Canada.  It is after
many years of collecting data, photographs, articles, and books and
sharing this info that we have decided to publish, at least in some form,
our major findings to the world wide web and specifically those
interested in the history of the Seheult Family.